A message from Dr. Ahlemeyer

July 01, 2020

Dear Trojan Nation Families,

Wow, it's July...I can't believe it...what a crazy world we live in these days...I so hope you and your family are well...seriously, getting back to the July thing...I have never been so disoriented in my life...the pandemic has and is causing a lot of things to change but my sense of time/calendar is so messed up...my wife had to remind me about the upcoming 4th of July weekend because we are not doing the normal celebrations...I kind of forgot about it. Anyway...onward we march forward! I want to give you some information regarding the opening of schools for the 2020-21 school year along with some other updates. And, we need to hear from you and get your feedback so we are better able to address your concerns about returning to school! See survey link below!

Here is a general overview:

2020-21 School Year

Our approach to the opening of next school year fits the following themes: slow & steady wins the race, stay calm & focused, listen & get feedback, be data driven, stay thoughtful & objective, and avoid at all costs emotions & politics. Here is the outline:

June 23 - July 3: Research guidance and tentative plans for the Return-to-Learning Planning Team to review/modify.

July 1: Parent survey is released at this link: https://www.mfschools.net/news/return-to-school-survey Due by July 10!

July 7: Return to School Planning Team Begins to Meet

July 10: Send out survey to the staff & determine possible membership expansion of the planning process.

July 27: Present our plans to the School Board.

July 28: Release plans to the public.

As you may be aware we will be preparing 3 different type of plans based on the guidance we have going into the middle of August: all back in person, all remote learning at home, and hybrid/blended model (half the students in person at school at one time/the other half at home doing Remote Learning). Regarding the recently released guidelines, masks seem to be the hot topic. I know lawsuits have been filed already on the mask question. While we need to have well prepared plans that meet all safety guidelines and that are in the best interest of students and staff (and we will have those plans by the end of the month), I caution all of us to be prepared for changes in the guidelines in August due to the impact of pending lawsuits, legislation, lawyer/liability sign off, and state teacher union concerns.

On to some other news:

On-Line Registration for 2020-21 Opened Today at this link: https://www.mfschools.net/news/2020-21-registration-information

Welcome to Brenda Livingood and Amy Flock who will be running the Transportation Department starting next year (goodbye Dana, we will miss you...wow, 43 years in the district...we think this is the real final retirement 😀).

The New Middle School project is coming along nicely with a ton of meetings that included various staff members...we hope to possibly share the more detailed design work by August.

July 24 Middle School Promotion based on guidelines at the time.

July 25 Parking Lot Prom based on guidelines at the time.

July 31 High School Graduation based on guidelines at the time.

August 5 In Person 2020-21 Registration Noon to 5:00 PM

That is all for now...stay positive...we got this...I know together we will all pull through and do whatever it takes to make 2020-21 a success!

Take good care,



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