A message from Dr. Ahlemeyer

September 04, 2020

Dear Maroa-Forsyth School District Families,

I hope this message finds you well. It has been awesome to see students back in our buildings this week. The entire week has been a huge success thanks to the efforts and commitments made by our staff, students, and parents.

We must not back off practicing faithfully the health guidelines that I like to refer to as The FIVE. Students are at school 6 hours a day which means 18 hours a day they are home or out in other parts of our communities. The FIVE must be in place 24 hours a day if we are going to continue to have successful In-Person school. Please over this 3-day holiday weekend practice the health & safety measures. It is imperative. I'd like to add one more to The FIVE. And, this is a hard one on a holiday weekend that has a lot of traditions and symbolizes the end of the summer season. Avoid large gatherings and groups of people. Here is a quick reminder of The FIVE:

  • Wear Masks
  • Social Distance
  • Clean Surfaces
  • Wash Hands
  • Isolate if Sick

I'd also like to inform you of our metrics this week here at school related to the COVID:

  • # of staff quarantined - 5
  • # of symptomatic positive test staff - 0
  • # of staff quarantined total - 5
  • # of students quarantined - 14
  • # of symptomatic positive test students - 0
  • # of students quarantined total - 14
  • Total # quarantined cases - 19
  • Total # of positive cases - 0

Finally, I'd like to direct you to the following link on our website about a new announcement regarding free lunch meals for all as was in place last spring. All school districts have been granted this status through December 31, 2020.

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

With Maroa-Forsyth Trojan Pride,



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