COVID Announcement from Dr. Ahlemeyer

November 10, 2020

Dear Trojan Families,

As you are aware, the school district painstakingly scrutinizes COVID data on a daily basis. We have reached the tipping point to where our In Person option is no longer feasible at the Middle School due to 65% of the student body either choosing or being forced into Remote Learning. So, ALL of the Middle School students will be in Remote Learning for the days of November 12, 13, 16, and 17 returning to the In Person option on Thursday, November 19th. The return date to In Person was chosen to coincide with the quarantine end date for all students at the Middle School. The Grade School and High School will continue to offer the In Person option during this time period. To put the 65% in perspective at the Middle School, the percentage of parents at all buildings choosing Remote has always averaged around 25%. Further, as of today, a total of 35% are in Remote at the Grade School and a total of 44% are in Remote at the High School.

As we have demonstrated, the school district has been "all in" doing whatever it takes to offer the In Person option. We also take very seriously the necessary safety precautions it takes to offer the In Person option (social distancing, masks, hand washing, sanitizing, isolating those sick). Offering the In Person option is constantly weighed against data related to the safety & health of our students and staff. To that end, here is the midweek data since Friday for all three buildings:

COVID Midweek Building New Data since Friday, November 6

# of staff quarantined - 3 GS, 3 MS, 2 HS

# of symptomatic positive test staff - 0 GS, 2 MS, 0 HS

# of staff quarantined total - 3 GS, 5 MS, 2 HS

# of students quarantined - 13 GS, 78 MS, 66 HS

# of symptomatic positive test students - 0 GS, 3 MS, 3 HS

# of students quarantined total - 13 GS, 81 MS, 69 HS

As we have stated before, we certainly understand 100% the strain this causes on families related to the daily changing COVID data and then the changes we have to make to our In Person & Remote Learning plans. We must hang in there, stay positive, stay flexible, and support one another.

With Maroa-Forsyth Trojan Pride,



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