COVID Announcement from Dr. Ahlemeyer

November 12, 2020

Hi Again MTF Nation,

As we have been informing you, COVID numbers fluctuate daily. The HS will be switching to remote learning for ALL for Friday, November 13th and Monday, November 16th. There was another positive case reported today and an additional 15 students were quarantined due to being a close contact or having symptoms. Here are our current numbers.

  • Number of positive cases - 5
  • Number of students in quarantine - 82
  • Number of staff in quarantine - 3

With the large number of close contacts and pending tests for both staff and students at the HS, the Remote Learning for All for the next 2 school days will allow us to gather data on any new cases and test results at the High School. Our plan at this time is to open our In Person option at the High School on Tuesday, November 17 due to the number of students coming off of quarantine.

Our Grade School numbers remain consistent and we will continue to offer the In Person option at the Grade School during this time period.

The High School will also continue to disinfect and clean the schools during this time to be prepared for the students to return on Tuesday. As referenced, we do expect around 50 students to return to In Person learning on Tuesday, November 17.

Additional information will be communicated to our families and students by principal Mr. Brice Stewart. We appreciate everyone's understanding and patience as we navigate the COVID data on a daily basis.

Take good care,



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