Maroa-Forsyth Community Club News - Winter 2018

December 13, 2018

Catch up on our fundraiser successes and join our next meeting on January 8!

Happy Holidays! This school year is flying by!! We hope everyone enjoys their winter break. We are trying to put together a directory for the Maroa Forsyth School District. If you are interested in being in the directory and didn’t fill out a form at registration, please contact any of our current community club board members. Remember, Community Club is open to all parents, guardians, and grandparents. Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 8th at 6:30 p.m. in the grade school library.

Fannie Mae Fundraiser

Congratulations to our students who earned a limo lunch with the Fannie Mae fundraiser! We had 94 students earn a limo lunch, and they will be enjoying their lunch on Monday, December 17th!

Box Tops

The Fall Box Top Contest ends on December 14th. The winning class will be getting a pizza party! Our top 3 classes are:

  • Eagler
  • Ekena
  • Peters

Did You Know?

With all of our fundraising efforts, we have been able to help some teachers get some technology supplies for education for their classrooms. We have also been able to help get some much needed supplies for our school social worker and school nurse.

Winter Parties

We have winter parties coming up on December 21st. We still have some classrooms that need some volunteers for the parties. The following classes need a game or craft for the fall party:

  • Beard
  • Holthaus (needs 2)
  • Reynolds (needs 2)
  • Patrick
  • McCool (needs 2)

If you are available to help out, please contact Carrie Sager at or Hannah Shay at

Community Club Members

Maroa Forsyth Community Club current board members are:

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